"I just wanted to thank you now for joining our book study group tonight. Everyone really enjoyed your book, and it was an honor to speak with you 'in person.'"
—DEBORAH ST. JEAN, Colonel John Haslet Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution - email, June 2, 2022

"We really appreciated your very informative talk and your entertaining sense of humor."
—FERN SLOM, Program Manager, The Present Day Club, Princeton, NJ - email, April 14, 2022

"Thank your so much for presenting to my chapter. Your virtual presentation was a big hit. It was a real pleasure to have a historian share their passion and interest with our members."
—ANGELA O'CONNOR, Regent, Governor William Paca Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution - greeting card, December 2021

"I wanted to tell you that your book, The Road to Assunpink Creek, has been very helpful to me. My great, great, great grandfather was at the Cannonade of Trenton and the Battle of Princeton as a member of the Northumberland Militia. Your book helped me to flesh out the details of his participation and verify what he said in his deposition for pension. Thank you so much for your detailed account of Trenton and Princeton." 
—JANICE HILL, email, December 21, 2021

"I encourage all of you to check out David's work, and want to thank him for his contributions to our field as well as his ambassadorship for the park." 
—JENNIFER MARTIN, Executive Director, The Friends of Washington Crossing Park (FWCP) - email to David and other FWCHP staff, November 22, 2021

"Thanks for your support for Rock Ford and for the fine scholarship and work that you have done to ensure that, at long last, Edward Hand is getting the recognition that he deserves!"
—SAMUEL C. SLAYMAKER, III, Executive Director, Historic Rock Ford, Lancaster, PA (site of the General Edward Hand Mansion) - letter, June 2021

"Your scholarship on the ‘ten crucial days’ is truly impressive. As much as the people enjoyed your knowledge, they were equally captivated by your extremely effective style of communication.... Your presentation made for a truly exceptional day. People seriously enjoyed your talk. Some said they follow you wherever you go in order to hear you speak."
—JOSEPH GARRERA, Executive Director, Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum, Allentown, PA - letter, November 8, 2019

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—JENNIFER MARTIN, Executive Director, The Friends of Washington Crossing Park

"David Price's insights are well researched and thought-provoking. I highly recommend adding his Speaking of Which blog to your list of worthy Rev War must-reads."
—ROGER S. WILLIAMS, State Historian, The New Jersey Society of the Sons of the American  Revolution

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—WILLIAM TRAUBEL, Trustee, Swan Historical Foundation

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—SAMUEL DAVIS, General George Washington reenactor

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—TOM AND BUNKIE MADDOCK, Historical Interpreters, Washington Crossing Historic Park

“David provides unique insights into the people and events that shaped the War for Independence. His books and writings open new doors for both the serious and casual student of history, and help interpret the American Revolution through a twenty-first-century lens.”
—JOE CAMARATTA, Historical Interpreter, Washington Crossing Historic Park

“I just subscribed to David's blog and must thank him for his passion and body of work. As a student of history and having created an extensive genealogy, his books and published articles greatly compliment my understanding of my family’s journey during this period. It’s one thing to see names on muster returns and read their pension files. A far more complete story emerges when analyzed with the correct interpretation of events.”

“We have really enjoyed David's blog posts.”
—BECKY AND COLIN STUART, 2017 Volunteers of the Year, Washington Crossing Historic Park

“David's post on Tom Maddock was inspiring and well-presented. The recognition of individuals who are most deserving is always a welcomed honor. I look forward to receiving these posts and more importantly, find them refreshing and engaging. I also want to thank David for the knowledge and passion exhibited in his several books.”

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