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Gain a new perspective on the American Revolution as author and historical interpreter David Price connects you with a wide range of events, personalities, and historic sites that relate to this saga—some famous and some obscure. His engaging style brings history to life as he leads you through a pivotal epoch in our nation's storied past. David's books are listed below.

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This is the story of Colonel John Haslet, an Irish immigrant to the American colonies who made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting for his adopted country at a pivotal moment in our war for independence against Great Britain. It is also a chronicle of the inspirational leadership and service of the Delaware Regiment, known as the “Delaware Blues,” which Haslet formed and guided—perhaps the finest fighting force in George Washington’s army in 1776—told as part of a more wide-ranging narrative about the campaign of Washington’s Continental army in that critical year. 

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The reader is offered a new perspective on the “Ten Crucial Days” of the American Revolution—the period from December 25, 1776 through January 3, 1777—in which George Washington’s army won its first three significant victories. This work presents a unique interpretation of a critical period in American history by emphasizing the importance of the Battle of Assunpink Creek on January 2, 1777 (often referred to as the Second Battle of Trenton). This encounter has generally received less attention from historians than the other two engagements fought during this brief span of time; however, it was arguably the most pivotal event of the "Ten Crucial Days" and perhaps of the entire Revolutionary struggle.

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The victories achieved by the American cause from December 25, 1776 to January 3, 1777 in the war for independence from Great Britain were the product of bold and imaginative leadership on the part of George Washington and his fellow generals, miscalculation by the enemy, and the fortuitous effects of weather as it related to the movement of troops and battlefield conditions. But those storied triumphs were also due to the heroic feats of people less well known to history who remain the “unsung heroes” behind our nation’s struggle for independence during its darkest days.

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David Price

David describes himself as a history buff who likes to write. His literary activity is an outgrowth of his work as a historical interpreter who focuses on the American Revolution and in particular on what historians have termed the “Ten Crucial Days” of that contest, from December 25, 1776 through January 3, 1777. The British historian George Otto Trevelyan famously observed of this period, “It may be doubted whether so small a number of men ever employed so short a space of time with greater and more lasting effects upon the history of the world.”

Joseph Garrera, Executive Director of the Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum, shared the following after one of David’s talks there: “Your work illuminates the honor and glory of the American Revolution. As a public historian you bring this story to a wide audience through your books, tours, and public presentations” (letter of November 8, 2019).

In each of his books, David tries to tell a story that is accurate, informative, and engaging—one that illuminates the historical contributions of people who are largely unknown among today’s general public. His intent in each case is to craft the kind of narrative that he would enjoy reading, and he hopes that others will derive that same feeling from their encounter with his writing.

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